We travel to every green destination

Garden Tours has been organizing exclusive tours over the last 23 years to every green destination imaginable. If we can find gardens somewhere, we go for it! We do this not only in Europe, but also to destinations such as South Africa, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and New Zealand.

To select the best possible gardens we use our international network of garden owners and draw on knowledge from our own team as well as other garden experts. This makes it possible to get access to the most beautiful private gardens which hardly ever open their gates for visitors. It also means that we can schedule our tours to ensure that we visit gardens at their best.

Most of our tour leaders are experts as well, being garden designers, botanists or garden writers: many are also multi-lingual. Of course, gardens are the main focus of all of our tours, but we also pay special attention to their historical and cultural context. We also organize garden tours for specialist garden and botanical clubs, such as Rose-, Rhododendron-, Conifer- and Alpine societies as well as for societies and clubs for professional gardeners and designers. We have also put together a number of themed tours, such as Victorian gardens, Arts & Crafts contemporary designer gardens etc. If you have any special requirements, then please let us know.

If you want to provide your group with a tour of the best gardens imaginable, then Garden Tours can also act as your agent.